Aug 03 2011

the Advantages of Full Lace Wigs

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Nowadays, more and more females especially the celebrities such as Beyonce, Paris Hilton and so on are making use of lace wigs to add to the beauty. Thereinto, full lace wigs are the most widely used. Compared with lace front wigs, they appear more natural and you can do many hairstyles according to your favorite and demands.

Straight Hairstyles

A full lace wig features that the hairs are covered with the whole cap so that they can create a natural look. What’s more, the breathability of the cap is extremely good. To the contrary, the cap of the traditional wig is too thick to breathe. In addition, the full lace wigs allows the wearer to expose their scalp to air while still wearing their styled hair. So for those who are longing for that their natural hair can continue to grow or the damaged hair can be repaired, there is no doubt that a full lace wig is the best choice.

Curly Hairstyles

On the one hand, the distinct advantage is that the full lace wigs do not tear away at the edges of the hairline. The lace cap feels soft and appears delicate because it is usually made of special tape or glue. In many people’s opinion, the tape or glue may do the damage to the hair. However, in fact, it is not true unless you yank the lace.

On the other hand, when you are going to attend some occasions like prom, you can ask your stylist to do an appropriate prom hairstyle what you are fond of. Updos, high ponytail and other hairstyles all can go well. However, the traditional wigs even the lace front wigs can’t achieve the purpose. In addition, if you apply the traditional wigs, the result is that they will be damaged for one time. There is hair only in the front of the cap of the lace front wigs so that the hairstyles available are limited. However, the full lace wigs have the most versatile styles. Especially, the wigs made of human hair will supply much larger range of hairstyles.

Sexy Long Wavy Hairstyles

Of course, because of so many advantages, the price of the full lace wig may be more expensive. So when you make up your mind to purchase hairpiece, in terms of your condition, make a perfect choice.

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